Pilot Training

Demo / Introductory Flights

  • Provides a non-pilot or prospective student the opportunity to experience the thrill of flight with an experienced instructor.
  • Flights are 15 minutes to an hour in duration and take place over the scenic Kliprivier Valley and Suikerbosrand area.
  • Ideal for aspiring pilots or a a gift for a loved one.
  • Flights are offered in a Weight Shift Microlight, Sling Light Aircraft and L4 Piper Grasshopper.
  • Tours of the Sling factory can also be arranged.

Passenger Safety Course

  • Allows for an unlicensed pilot to gain basic flying skills, which could be used in the event of an emergency, whilst flying with a rated pilot.



  • We offer aircraft specific conversions to type, as well as conversions to different categories, for example: PPL to WCM or WCM to CCM/LSA/PPL and vice versa.



  • We conduct license renewal flight tests as well as renewal training in the event of an expired pilots license.


Owner Training

  • We will provide training on your own aircraft if required.

National Pilot Licence (NPL)

A National Pilot Licence is a recreational licence allowing a person to fly with one passenger and in the daytime.

This is basically a fun flying licence, it is divided into 3 categories:

  • Weight Shift Controlled Microlight (WCM)
  • Conventional Controlled Microlight (CCM)
  • Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

NPL – Weight Shift Controlled Microlight:

  • This is a fun flying, thrilling experience, almost like a motorbike in the sky. Feel the wind in your hair, the air beneath your feet.
  • This is the most cost effective way to learn how to fly.
  • A Weight Shift controlled Microlight is a very light Aircraft with a maximum all up weight of 450kg, it is limited to 2 people (Pilot and passenger)

NPL – Light Sport Aircraft:

  • This licence is for recreational, local and long distance flying.
  • Training is carried out on our 2 seater, locally designed and manufactured Sling Light Aircraft. It has a sports car feel, “glass cockpit” with an almost 360° scenic view, with its smooth manoeuvring it is an easy aircraft to fly,
  • The licence is limited to aircraft with a maximum all up weight of 600kg and 2 people (pilot and passenger).

Private Pilot License – (PPL) Aeroplane

A Private pilot’s license allows you to fly more than 1 one passenger(depending on Aircraft type and the relevant rating) and is the first step in obtaining a CPL.

At Johannesburg Flying Academy we use South African designed and manufactured Sling Aircraft. With its light handling, sports car feel and full glass cockpit, it makes it the ideal way to start familiarising the Student with the instrumentation of larger, more complicated Aircraft.

The minimum requirements to complete this license is 45 hours of flight time.
A full time PPL course takes about 3 months to complete, but all courses are tailored to fit the individual’s requirements.

Night Rating
A night rating can be completed after you have finished your PPL. The rating allows you to fly at night.

It will introduce you to using basic instrument flying of the Aircraft.

Instrument Rating
An instrument rating will allow you to fly in reduced or poor visibility.

  • Both of the above ratings are included in the CPL Licence but can be carried out separately and then later used towards the CPL Licence.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot License is for the individual who wishes to make a career from flying.

A CPL enables you to fly for remuneration in a commercial environment.
The minimum hours required for this license is 200 hours of flight time; this would include your PPL flying hours.

The CPL can be broken up into sections as follows; PPL, Night Rating, Instrument rating, Hour Building, CPL and test.

Each section would include theory as well.
A full time CPL course takes about 9 months to complete, but all courses are tailored to fit the individual’s requirements.

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“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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